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more and Misfit to create iron Capsule circle headphones

At CES In January 6, the domestic original Headphones brand 1 more (magic) and world famous brand fashion apparel design of Misfit with intelligent fashion wear - 1 more iron Capsule circle headsets (1 more Capsule All - In - the Ear Headphones) at CES 2016, the United States.

The debut at CES this 1 more iron Capsule circle headset the Misfit is responsible for the design, the appearance is concise and fluent, the shape of a plump, looks like a black Capsule, filled with contracted, avant-garde elements of science and technology. Headphones main body is composed of aluminum alloy with high quality engineering plastic, there is no lack of light and texture, which is 1 more headphones will be implied meaning into the concept of fashion apparel products.

  About the headphones sound unit, the use of "moving iron + moving coil" unit structure design, by moving iron unit is responsible for the high frequency, moving coil units responsible for the low frequency. Their natural ability to perfect cohesion, combined with dynamic iron and the advantage of moving coil, voice is soft, sense of warmth, the details of the high quality analytical ability, the voice of the feelings of the three-dimensional scene performance; Break through the common wear audio products on acoustic performance limitation of not perfect.

From 1 more moving iron unit of the independent research and development, small size, have high precision assembly process and low distortion. High sensitivity and good transient performance, and it can make high frequency more extension, more dash forward show music dynamic and details. Diaphragm moving coil unit adopts the soft and elastic material, ensure the tenor of mellow and strong bass effect; Cooperate with bass and optimization scheme, to 7 mm in diameter of moving coil unit also can present the immediacy of shock.

  This paragraph 1 more iron Capsule circle headphones in-ear design used to cross the earplugs in outer space, headphones sound mouth cavity before used the bevel in-ear design, placed in the ear, avoids the fullness sensation in the inner ear. Cavity is used the rounded appearance design, wear very comfortable fit.

  In addition to these basic configuration, the headset with 3 pair of FDA food grade silica gel earmuffs and 1 pair of silica gel cavity set, through to the headset cavity set close skin and Q of cavity is set, the wearer can also be adjusted to the size of the headphones, let the headphones in the outer ear wearing more comfortable, achieve the best effect of listening. In headphones on the control of intelligent drive-by-wire technology with double system, mainstream adapter between apple and android smartphones, solved the apple and android smartphones drive-by-wire compatibility problems.

  In addition, 1 more iron Capsule circle headphones online control another one on the "magic key", can be 1 more MUSIC APP on the related features of fast setting. This is one more (magic) gives the headphones the embodiment of the intelligent design.