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Want to buy a VR devices?

VR as a great wave came as the audience and some stars of VR equipment also announced the price in recently. As the wave of VR hardware, consumers increasingly will start come into contact with this technology.


Google box

  This Is a team very much, the overall design of the product introduction, the structure is simple and no, but that did not stop with good content, do some the user has a phone can easily enjoy the VR technology.

  Is this product launched two years ago, he the imitator of "boxes", as the inside Cabinet properties telephone boxes manufacturer meizu launch VR has United the three manufacturers, such as McDonald's this catering company has launched a similar activities-with a box of VR devices.

  This type of equipment is so deep, that not only more people to experience the technology, but also every large enterprise standard gift promotion of VR technology. Subscribe to New York times, can give a box left has the latest VR; Game producers have immediately made an attempt; Also in the underground market in porn subscriptions, introduced in activities such as the cardboard industry.

  Introduction to the price, so the experience even alone is sufficient; Because it has some I/o devices, many of the game Remained at the level of the video viewing experience "video", can only They depend on the hardware of the phone's screen, and the product itself cannot be adjusted the distance, some users have put for a while will feel uncomfortable.


Samsung VR team

  Samsung VR gear many forms (See form, technology, etc.) and Google Cardboar similar, but different because VR equipment can only be "closed" logo phone support for several of its flagship, time.

But credit, VR gear because they support only their own mobile phones, so in the interaction, manages some progress from the experience. Samsung Gear VR built many sensors (e.g., distance sensor), which is able to detect if the user Is the equipment used and the content of auto-pause/play; It comes with some contribution in the right button control appears on the phone can easily control the contents of the buckle (without mobile phones-reach).

It's worth saying, the content is also very VR gear good. On one side is that VR gear has a lot of VR, unlike Oculus Support is also strong support for the device. Recently there reports suggest that there have been many buy head very March open VR VR cinema offered paid public experience, do good business.

  Even in a samsung Galaxy S7 Conference, Facebook Chief Executive mark zuckerberg behind Oculus platform for it and cried out: VR was They come.

  VR gear is compatible with your samsung phone Is: the Galaxy of S6, S6 Board edge of the Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy 5 S6 +, note the S7 's S7 edge Galaxy and Galaxy.


Connection type of VR (Oculus Rift, HTC live, PlayStation VR)

  If VR team is located in front of the introduction, you should then see the After these State of the art equipment. The biggest difference is that, in a interactive experience one step further.

  As Rift, HTC live and PlayStation VR, PlayStation VR with external interaction, Oculus Rift with external controller driver and a camera to capture the user's action, while life HTC might allows the user to enter a room and to capture the user's body movements.

  Technical parameters, three devices are primarily the same: OLED, screen resolution is also similar.

  It's inconvenient, of course, who need more performance hardware device, such as a higher configuration PC, driver a were generation console. Then its price is more expensive, Oculus Rift was Book, starting at $ 599; HTC lives because the technology is more complex, you need to add $ 200, PlayStation VR will also be posted in the last price.

There are teams of

  By course, you can buy the storm inside magic mirror, see Ant VR and a number of teams, they are mostly used on mobile VR more proof main content form a complete set of software and phone screen parameters and hardware performance.

  Currently are considering and it is a single piece VR host, referring to images VR calculation unit is placed in the head inside equipment, technique is even greater.

  Bottom line is, best equipment must be connected Headphones PC VR, perform stronger, the representation theory of VR the content is higher, but you fail or the price is high, the need to support for additional hardware, even in the most complex technology HTC also lives You must supply a dozen square meters of space.

But seen from the current observation, is $ 799 HTC lives It is useful and even edge has the strongest VR headset, Yes for personal use or HTC imagining much analysis b 2 profitability (for example for students how to teach students to understand the structure of the heart, garage Open the engine) with experience and good perspective. The connection of Oculus Rift $ 599 XBOX controller in both aspects of the game is also very surprised, dip.

In addition, samsung $ 99 gear VR can be used as a mobile VR first choice. Of course, if you choose to send the carton cheaper than Google friends around, Lamper VR is to save money and don't pretend bility wise decision.

Appears next to the HR of VR

VR/AR is the next "mobile market" unknown, but it is in the capital, the circle of hardware or known as hardware and software companies to enter this field. We can see in recent reports that many familiar figure, AR, Microsoft has called black AR HoloLens equipment for science and technology and a mysterious non-produced $ 4.5 billion in market valuation of the magic of the jump.

Is more and more people, analysis of institutions, producers will be after the technology as a mobile phone and a large market, Why not buy a try?