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Shanghai securities news

  • Author:Leadingplus
  • Release on:2016-01-25
Shanghai securities news
Stamp duty: no adjustment The reserve requirement ratio: do not represent policy tightening
"If there is a policy will be formal notice, do not pass, pass are unreliable." The Treasury money ke jia kang, director of rumors so on 15 of the securities transaction stamp tax will restore bilateral on the news.
Review: the chicken in the middle of the call type regulation should be no more, because people in mature, managers in mature, the future is more rely on market mechanism of regulation itself, this year to launch margin and stock index futures in order to regulate the stock market.
IB account today suspended brokerage business qualification all the retrial
Regulator has formally issued "on further strengthening the securities company introduce futures company provides intermediate business management notice, requires before have qualification for the IB of the securities business department to control the new regulatory requirements for comb, after get the local securities regulatory bureau acceptance check through to the development of new homes.
Comments: the purpose of strengthening management is a better standard operation, to prepare for the unified open an account of the securities and futures.
Shareholders of transfinite Huaxia fund being punished
Citic securities (600030) on delayed equity issues of China, huaxia fund company, finally received a CSRC a paper.
January 15th evening, citic securities, according to the announcement the CSRC decided since January 1, 2010, suspension of fund of an ancient name for China the issue of domestic public offering of new product application; If the equity in the April 1, 2010 still cannot get specification, the CSRC funds will take further regulatory measures as appropriate.
Comments: for citic securities is a blow, but also suggests that management oversight in place.
The securities times
The deposit reserve rate today
Beginning from today, deposit financial institutions renminbi deposit reserve rate will be increased by 0.5%, according to recent statistics released last Friday by the people's bank of China, the increase in the reserve requirement ratio can be one-time freeze funds of about 300 billion yuan.
Comments: know the policy in advance, impact and is caused by the stock market opened lower.
A number of system running in mature international capital stock index futures
Formally founded since September 8, 2006, since the operation of simulation trading began on October 30, I have been to the China financial futures exchange of stock index futures has been officially launched intensively planning. On Friday, stock index futures investors appropriateness system comprehensively, the next step, hedging of the complete system, institutional investors to participate in the arrangement, IB system design rules will be developed.
Beautiful big technology financials have reported results this week
Science and technology and financial stocks this week results will be in full swing, and analysts expect IBM technology giants such as Google and Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley and other big Banks are expected to hand over the bright eye transcripts, add new momentum for U.S. stocks.
Securities daily
Fund plans to push for period refers to the new look forward to relevant regulations
Many industry insiders said that public funds actively participate in stock index futures and margin will be very cautious.
According to Shanghai securities research institute of statistics, at present, there are 28 open-end fund investment scope in recruit manual specifically to invest under the terms of the financial derivatives such as stock index futures, quite a number of funds in the contract can not participate in stock index futures and margin make that clear.
500000 yuan threshold is not high Stock index futures will also prevent the hype
"The standard of 500000 yuan relatively reasonable, not high. The industry and Suggestions on $1 million for the division standard?" A futures company executives said in Beijing yesterday about stock index futures investors appropriate institutional told reporters.
Plans to build 3 million tons of steel production capacity of baosteel how to bypass the limit production order?
According to media reports, baosteel group xinjiang bayi iron and steel co., LTD. (600581) will spend 10 billion yuan, in baicheng county of aksu area new yearly produces 3 million tons of iron and steel production base.
However, this action intention of baosteel in widely attention at the same time, also has a lot of controversy - last year, the ministry, cisa has been stressed steel industry there has been a serious excess capacity, and for the first time emergency issued to leak.
Comments: local excess capacity does not represent all parts of China are overcapacity, regulation not one size fits all; But if it is not one size fits all in China, local governments and local enterprises under the profit-driven, repeatedly fidget, part, so the regulation also has the dilemma, so their production is inferior to set up a green technical standard, those who can not meet the environmental protection technical standards shall be shut down, not in accordance with the enterprise size, but points to adjust and control technology level, this is advantageous to the steel industry technology progress.