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SONY announced new WS sport headphones

 As well-known hardware manufacturers in the world, SONY also has always been a leading position in the field of sports headphones. Earlier it had first introduced the WS series waterproof bluetooth headset, get good grades. A SONY continue to launch new WS series sport headphones NW - WS413 / WS414, praised the new headset appearance level!

  New bluetooth headset has two types, and the main difference is that the storage space and body color. NW - WS413 bluetooth headset built-in 4 gb of storage space, only a black color; NW - WS414 8 gb of built-in storage, with black, beige and green Green color.

  Series of bluetooth headset appearance appearance, WS movement level is very high, is different from common headset circular modelling, WS series of bluetooth headset with the heart-shaped line of one-piece body design, appearance looks simple and fashionable. Attached four dimensions of glue, can stick with the ear canal, different users to maintain the stability of sports headphones.

  Configuration, WS series of bluetooth headset is three performance is also good, waterproof and dustproof level reached IPX65/68. In addition in the fuselage surface adhesion antirust coating, can effectively stop the erosion and the sand of the sea. It should be able to meet the needs of water sports users. While headphones resistance temperature range in - 5 ° to 45 ° C, C don't have to worry about cold froze up like the iPhone.

  Sports safety, the SONY for this dangerous headphones joined the "environment" mode. Different from before the in-ear headphones create a relatively closed environment, WS series sport headphones can through the voice of the built-in microphone monitoring environment, let the user to listen to music at the same time also can clearly hear the surrounding environment. No longer need to switch off the device, to reduce the volume or to remove the headphones.