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Macaw pulse song bluetooth headset will become domestic pillar?

The emergence of the bluetooth headset brought great convenience to our life, we no longer worry about the problem of the headset is not convenient to wear, also get rid of the bondage of the cables bring, in sports, such as driving a car, cleaning the house scenario, can also be easily answered the phone. However, with the development of bluetooth headset industry, and to the requirements of the product's experience is more and more strict, the user is not satisfied with only the function of the bluetooth headset answering the telephone, but hopes to use its enjoy more and better experience.

  But from now on the bluetooth headset market situation of view, most of the products on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: one is cheap and low-quality low levels of bluetooth headset in appearance, this kind of bluetooth headset is using the same basic male die, and then printed on a own brand listed, only used to call this kind of simple demand of users, this kind of product is very easy to "face". Another type of bluetooth headset is some international brands of headphones, but mostly just appearance design, the price is often prohibitive, this kind of product more is used as a "vase", the sound quality is cannot do stand out.

  Is now the bluetooth headset market did not appear, a truly successful product to knot bottom because bluetooth headset it is not easy to want to do. 1, it is not like a wired headset, even wearing a loose fall off, also don't have to worry about missing problem, once bluetooth headset off, a serious problem. This is for bluetooth headset wearing comfort put forward higher requirements. 2, because the wireless bluetooth headset attributes, makes want to reduce the loss of sound in the transmission is very difficult. 3, do not need autonomous power compared to a wired headset, bluetooth headset range is to use the experience a very important factor.

  Only the above three points, let the vast majority of headphones manufacturers to counsel, what appearance design, price positioning, and many other issues that need to be solved, it is for these reasons, let the bluetooth headset products available in the market, is not satisfactory.

  In fact, some domestic manufacturers has also done a lot of effort on the bluetooth headset, but from product usage or from sales point of view, are still unable to get the public's favorite. Can say from a market now in a big environment point of view, it is time to need a business to perform.

  In today's market is more open, shortly before the pulse song suddenly "called" to do have a tone of bluetooth headset, its founder Sun Xianzhe on weibo have tone bold said he believed the bluetooth headset must possess the characteristics of: 1. The first-class design; 2. Comfortable to wear; 3. High fidelity sound quality; 4. Both movement properties; 5. Waterproof and sweat; 6. Battery life is strong; 7. Price populist. And most said: "in fact before 6 o 'clock to achieve outstanding has been very difficult, if you did, 7 point seems to be more suspension.