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Innovation sound released the ba gong Roar Pro wireless bluetooth stereo

Innovation of science and technology (China) co., LTD in China today released new exquisite Sound, strong bully gong pro Sound Blaster Roar? Pro wireless bluetooth speakers, specially designed for audio entertainment and professional purposes. Ba gong pro connected to the optional wireless love gong wheat can be wireless personal loudspeaker system, which is the innovation of science and technology's new professional series of the first portable speakers. Sound the gong on the pro via matte spray processing, surface shows unique matte black, composed, elegance.

  Compared with rave reviews of the ba gong, the gong in the professional edition is equipped with a more sensitive singing unit, to provide more excellent sound quality and longer 10 hours of playing time. Users can also easily one key switch in the "warm" and "neutral" and "dynamic" three different audio mode.

Innovation technology co., LTD. General manager Mr Liu Longcai said: "innovation of science and technology new professional speaker series is not only a powerful audio entertainment equipment, it is also a powerful efficient tool, the user can in the workplace or in the classroom in a speech to the crowd."

  "Sound the gong on the professional edition supplement with low latency RapidTalk? Technology wireless gong mak love, her voice transmission quality for portable speaker market and the new standard of portability, let the portable speaker also to be able to compete with large amplification system of clear voice effect."

The award-winning speakers architecture

  Sound the gong on the professional version in the generation of the award-winning, on the basis of sound quality performance and sound box structure, make a series of quality improvement. New speakers, as always, by providing powerful, like a book-sized box full of quality. The exquisite five speakers hidden a set contains a subwoofer sound unit system, with two more sensitive and lightweight 1.5 inches high unit provides the far field of the high frequency broadcast, the launch of the subwoofer to present an up stunning bass and a pair of left and right sides of the bass resonance membrane enhanced bass explosive. Sound the gong on the professional version also has two high-performance power amplifier, a focus on driving bass and midrange, another is in the high effect, can not affect the bass performance at the same time provide a strong feeling of pure, space and equilibrium of sound quality. As a result, the ba gong pro can not little avail in sound position influence, under the condition of strong, full of audio performance. The subwoofer in horizontal sound box at the top of the design can make the speaker lower center of gravity, make it more stable. In addition, the integration of the sound box inner structure helps to reduce the vibration noise, provide more clear, pure sound quality.

With love gong wheat become wireless public address system

  Sound the gong on the professional edition and its main difference is that love gong wheat can double as support for new wireless portable pa system, presents the high quality, low latency, in full effect. Gong love Michael let you wear with the hand, or hang the flexibility to amplify your voice. Love gong wheat support RapidTalk in the application for a patent? Technology, through the low latency, high quality wireless audio technology provide a simple, rapid and high performance wireless audio transmission. Gong mak love with linear input port Line - can be connected in mobile phone and play music, let users can enjoy the pleasure of mobile karaoke in real time. In addition, gong mak love also can have the microphone input port Mic - in external moving coil or other electret condenser microphone.

Three kinds of optional audio mode

  Sound the gong on the professional edition allows users according to their own preferences, by switching easily select three different audio mode. "Warm" model can provide a bile duct amplifier of relieve smooth quality experience. "Neutral" model can present a balanced tone style. While the "dynamic" mode for music performance into a more dynamic acoustics.

  Sound the gong on the professional version has like sound the gong on the rich surprised shake function:

Use the built-in MicroSD card and mp3 WMA cutter (TF)

  Sound the gong on the professional version has built-in WMA and MP3 player, can let users do not need to use a mobile phone can play the beautiful music in the MicroSD card. The player also can allow the user to quickly switch the music folder, without having to cycle through broadcast way looking for want to listen to music.

Convenient hands-free telephone conference

  Through the built-in high quality microphone provides 360 - degree voice receiving function. When your mobile phone via bluetooth wireless connections to sound the gong on the pro is activated when answering calls hands-free way.

Built-in recorder

  Sound the gong on the professional version has a tape recorder function, through the use of the built-in microphone can convenient one-click recorded all kinds of audio, such as voice, the voice information or music playback, and can be stored directly to the microSD card. This feature is very applicable to record voice memos, telephone interviews, conferences and business meetings.

The near field communication (NFC) bluetooth support multipoint connection and hd audio decoder

  This speaker with bluetooth wireless audio transmission functions and advanced support hd decoder low-latency aptX? And AAC to ensure high quality bluetooth audio and minimum transmission delay. This book type speakers also support near field communication function, users have NFC function of smart phones and the ba gong pro light stick can be a wireless connection, is very convenient. Users can also be multipoint connection via bluetooth connection at the same time two bluetooth devices at speakers.

The external Sound Blaster (Sound Blaster) USB audio

  Sound the gong on the pro is not just for the smart devices and wireless speakers. Users can also through the USB cable connect speakers to the PC or Mac, download the Sound Blaster Control Panel software, through the SBX Pro Studio technology enhanced audio playback effect, make the Sound more rich and colorful, unlimited pure digital audio in computers.

Dual purpose battery

  Sound the gong on the professional version also has a dual purpose. Built-in 6000 ma lithium battery not only can provide audio playback up to ten hours *, also can charge the battery for smartphones and tablets.

SBX Pro Studio? Features * * :

  SBX Crystalizer? - reduction after the compression of audio lost "high" and "bass", listen to the musician to render its original sound quality

  SBX Smart Volume - through intelligent to adjust the Volume of the audio in order to reduce the Volume change caused by interference

  SBX Dialog Plus - intelligent voice of music and movie content, provide more clear voice range

  SBX Bass - enhance the Bass performance, significantly improving sound experience

  SBX Surround - by creating a virtual speakers from around from up to down to provide users with unprecedented auditory sense of reality