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Glory 2015 pro again to show the world the Chinese design strength

  Established power producers, domestic peripherals leading brand - pro (RAPOO) has strong ability of industrial design, in the industry has been a public advantage. In 2015, is doomed to be a pro harvest year. Double happiness, at the beginning of its wireless touch laser mouse T8 once again won the German the IF design award, throughout history of pro the IF design award, this is the pro seventh with excellent design concept and excellent quality win the IF design award for success. Has pro bluetooth noise cancelling headphones S900 expectations, pick take German red dot design award in 2015, became the eighth international design award of product. It's not unprecedented, but already is the pride of the Chinese peripheral brand.
  The end of 2015, pro and the big news is that the wireless touch laser mouse T8 and bluetooth noise cancelling headphones S900 won the Asia's most influential design DFA; Bluetooth A650 outdoor sound and touch the keyboard bluetooth E6700 won design red star award in China. To show the world once again the pro industrial design concept, show the power of the Chinese design. The industrial design in pro end in 2015.

Why design always turn pro?
The first big window: basically see temperament
  Product is the most eye-catching must first external design. Asia's most influential design DFA winner: pro wireless touch laser mouse T8, flashing streamline the seamless connection of the mouse on the shell and the lower shell, streamline appearance, pulse light spirit. Product bluetooth noise cancelling headphones are especially go S900 hale fashion, contracted and the atmosphere of the appearance, fine workmanship, quality of excellence.
  China red star design award: touch the keyboard bluetooth E6700 is good inherited pro blade, thin appearance, simple design, with unique fashion sense and strong technology. Bluetooth outdoor stereo A650 brings meaning to listen to of color, color and the collision of the metal, silica gel formula design, soft and durable, it has strong visual impact. How can such a temperament is not let a person enchanted?
The second largest window: people-oriented design concept
  Products, if not from the perspective of users, has again good to resonate. Wireless touch laser mouse T8, lightweight portable, carrying pro self-developed R58 ultra low power processor and elaborate design of circuit, durable, removes the user the trouble of frequent replacement battery.
  Touch the keyboard bluetooth E6700, USES the perfect combination of keyboard and mouse function, touch operation on the palm, easily dominate to touch the world.
  Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones S900 for users using soft leather earmuffs, memory foam, special nylon material wearing, folding, strong flexibility and portability, and enjoy high quality music at the same time also can be so comfortable.
  A650 is given priority to with outdoor style, material wear-resisting, cabinet modelling, along with a portable, is more powerful is three, is a good partner to travel. How can such a people-oriented concept let people don't move?
Third largest window: inner outstanding
Back to nature again - the performance of the product. Pro A650 outdoor stereo bluetooth, NFC stereo, with a strong 2 * 7 w power amplifier system, the configuration of 2 back radiating element, unparalleled shock sound quality.
  Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones S900, have double the microphone calling noise reduction and double microphone active noise reduction function of stereo headphones, a variety of sound patterns bring around 3 d sound with clear and perfect, with wonderful music scene.
  Pro bluetooth E6700 touch keyboard, multimedia Fn configuration control keys, save precious time, accurate scissors button mechanical structure can make the surface stress distribution and buttons, press in the 4.0 mm fuselage, relaxed, smooth. How can such inner let people don't move?