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Chinese tunic suit can become the national formal dress?

The morning of February 29, a national "two sessions" central news propaganda work exchange meetings. Vice chairman of the central blessing come, in the heart of the proposal proposed to suit as the national formal dress. According to media reports, the central submit to the 4th meeting of the CPPCC national committee twelve 8 conference speech and article 36 a collective proposal. Speech and proposal on "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", the society and the rule of law, promote the peaceful reunification of the motherland, also include health, medical services, such as an ageing society.

Key one proposal, about "the 150th anniversary of sun yat-sen memorial activities relating to the content of the proposal, the central will suggest Chinese tunic suit as the national formal dress. It is reported that this year coincides with the 150th anniversary of sun yat-sen, the central will as the conference oral presentations or content. Mr King said, now mentioned suits are understood as a suit, tie, this is dress. "MAO zedong, deng xiaoping, zhou enlai and other leaders to attend important occasions are the Chinese tunic suit, why is suit to our generation." He said, it is not only a clothing problem, is also national problem.

As is known to all, Chinese tunic suit is modern China's revolutionary pioneer sun yat-sen integrated the western-style clothing and the characteristics of Chinese style clothing, design a kind of straight lapel has four patch pocket bag cover clothing, and is known as the Chinese tunic suit, Chinese tunic suit greatly popular, after a period in the 20th century, become one of the most standard clothing like Chinese man. Many famous characters such as Chiang kai-shek, MAO zedong, zhou enlai, deng xiaoping are often wears Chinese tunic suit. Because of China's famous politicians, MAO zedong usually wears Chinese tunic suit, so westerners call Chinese tunic suit "hair", this kind of clothing and its derivative changes of clothing, as before, the most Chinese people's clothing style in the 1980 s.

Chinese tunic suit, after the birth of this dress from the under the advocacy of sun yat-sen, the then revolutionary proud of wearing a "Chinese tunic suit", as well as revolutionary leaders and cadres are wear a Chinese tunic suit, after the founding of new China, the people of the whole country was in this fashion to express the love of a new era. So Chinese tunic suit to become a landmark of the People's Republic of China clothing, even was once the world recognized as the "national dress" of the People's Republic of China. However, in China's apparel industry booming, all kinds of clothing graced today, all the way has reappeared the historical stage of early exit to routine dress, have to say some regret. Chinese tunic suit once usually once regarded as a Chinese style dress, it also carries a kind of culture, a kind of etiquette, a national pride and a sense of pride. Like Korean hanbok, the Japanese kimono, the Scottish highlands man kilt, and southeast Asia ethnic Malay cage and dozens of sand, more or less all these elements. Now countries around the world in general has to wear a suit is given priority to, but in holiday or major celebrations, people of all ethnic groups of wear their national costume. However, when India's prime minister, dressed in white robes and India and Japan's politicians with wide kimono towards the world. And the Chinese nation, so far no one belongs to his nation's iconic costume, this and our country has five thousand years history and brilliant civilization as the world's most populous nation in the vast country's international status is out of proportion.

The MDC recommendations will be Chinese tunic suit as the proposal of the country's formal dress, should say is on the basis of the historical background, reflected a kind of national cultural heritage, is a good proposal, is worth esteeming hope relevant aspects of the proposal of the MDC attach importance to it. Should admit, foreign clothing does have great about him, but this does not suggest that the foreign than China's. "There is no good, only appropriate." The characteristics of the Chinese elements, China is also beautiful. In China today, has been widely recognized by the international community, we shouldn't little anymore, we should use the dongfeng, of China's rise to restore Chinese tunic suit the charm of the past. And when China's leaders in Chinese tunic suit frequently appear in the international important occasions, who can speak Chinese tunic suit to be a fashion on behalf of the Chinese and world's leading is impossible?