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AdMaster lead in shenzhen, with data technology to detonate the brand commercial value

  • Author:Leadingplus
  • Release on:2016-01-27

  In the media type, media channels increasingly complex era of big data, the quantitative data fragmentation will brand marketing and marketing planning for the enterprise bring unlimited business opportunities and potential. Ten years of precision farming, AdMaster in Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou for more than 80% of the domestic and international famous brands with big data solutions, improve the commercial value of the brand. Shenzhen as the center of the pearl river delta economic development, besides has the technology giants such as huawei, tencent, shenzhen gathered traditional domestic large enterprises, such as: skyworth, gree, as well as the rapid growth of small and medium-sized new ventures. Rich data application and customer service experience, making AdMaster insight into the shenzhen market development potential. In the middle of this month, AdMaster invited from Internet technology, medicine and finance and insurance, and other industry nearly 100 marketing representative in shenzhen, successfully hosted the "AdMaster data push 2016 profit in shenzhen, a new mode of science and technology exchange meeting", discuss how to improve enterprise efficiency, relying on science and technology of data to achieve business value maximization.

  Shenzhen the present industrial structure in the traditional state-owned enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises as the leading factor, traditional forms of advertising is the main marketing channel of the brand. However, the advent of the era of digital marketing, brand marketing strategy should be how to transform the Lord? How to help the brand to realize maximize the commercial value of data? In the face of the new media environment, shenzhen brand ready? AdMaster advanced ability of data analysis and mining can solve brand more confused, for example, AdMaster's one-stop across the screen analysis tools, can be objective and accurate quantitative included in PC, mobile and smart TV multi-channel marketing effect, help brand the forecast in advance, to reduce the cost, so as to optimize the marketing strategy, AdMaster Wang Dong advertising monitoring and evaluate business vice President stressed: "the brand need to recognize that across the screen advertising monitoring and continuous optimization of the importance of advertising. In our experience, continuous optimization can make a budget to reduce the 20-50%, significantly save budget and improve efficiency."

  For enterprises, the costs and benefits ratio is one of the important indicators to measure the success of enterprise operation mode. Therefore, how to use data technology help brands to open up sales channels, touch more target customers, increase sales conversion rate, the shenzhen exchange brand the main topic of hot debate. AdMaster as throughout every field data from all walks of life to hub, based on the historical data of deep excavation, and the multi-source data link of open platform, will be on the PC and the mobile terminal, scattered in advertising, website, social networking platform and the data on the CRM system through, concatenated, management, makes the brand from the multi-dimensional data reduction target trajectory, consumer behavior under the clear portraits depicting the target consumers, greatly enhance the brand marketing from advertising to the transformation of the sales also pull into the distance of the brand and consumers.

  AdMaster chief operating officer, Calvin Chan (Calvin Chan) said: "in the Internet age, the media environment changes rapidly. As a leading marketing data technology company, in the process of service customers, we found that early and study marketing problems facing many brands and advertisers will, we believe that our rich experience in data application and management can help shenzhen brand to better meet the challenges of marketing, looking forward to have more opportunities to communicate in the future."